The following is a list of episodes for the Medai Railway - animated television series Thomas the Model Railway Engine and Friends. The series began on January 14, 2007, and originally ended on November 5, 2011??. In 2005, the series went back into production. The series' ratings has risen to become one of the most popular shows on the network.

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Season Episodes Originally Aired DVD Release
Season premiere Season finale
1 10 January 5, 2007 14 February, 2007 TBA TBA TBA
2 14 August 19, 2007 March 28, 2008 TBA TBA TBA
3 14 September 5, 2008 May 17, 2009 TBA TBA TBA
4 14 (5 unaired) September 12, 2009 Unknown TBA TBA TBA

Season 1 (2007 Episodes)Edit

Title card Title Summary # Airdate
0.jpg Thomas’ First Day (the pilot) Thomas his first day for job, but Sir Topham Hatt and the Engines doesn't want him. 1-101 January 14, 2007
IMG 6589 Percy and Stepney Sir Topham Hatt sent a new engine, Stepney before Percy cannot pulling the silly Trucks. 2-102

January 14, 2007

IMG 6592 Gordon vs. Darrel Gordon was upset when the new diesel engine, Darrel. 3-103 January 28, 2007
IMG 6117 Gordon, James and the Scrapyard Gordon make James scary before they reach to the scrapyards. Then James lose in the scrapyard, causing from Gordon scary him. And when James meet the diesel engine Eddie to plan to scary Gordon for pay him off. 4-104 January 28, 2007
IMG 6595 The Red Controller James is a new leader for Sodor before Sir Topham Ham holiday to Fiji. 5-105

February 4, 2007

IMG 6598 The Monster Under the Shed Percy saw something in the Shed. 6-106

February 4, 2007

IMG 6603 James the April Fools Jerk James pulling pranks on the Engine got Mad . 7-107

February 18, 2007

IMG 6604 Percy Leaves Sodor Percy tired to running away with the Guy wants Percy to leave the Sodor. 8-108

February 18, 2007

IMG 6611 Thomas and the Ghostrider Thomas meets the Ghost Rider 9-109

March 6, 2007

IMG 6613 Percy and Cupid Percy and James been chasing by The Cupid. 10-110

March 11, 2007

Season 2 (2007-2008 Episodes)Edit

Title card




IMG 6637

Toby’s Friend

Toby meet an old traction engine called Trevor.


August 19, 2007

IMG 6619

Thomas Help Gordon

Percy and Eddie taste at Gordon, so Thomas help Gordon to taste the engine a lession.


September 9, 2007

IMG 6617

Henry and the New Engine

Henry meet the new engine and taste him rudely name, Duck.


September 9, 2007

IMG 6621

The Grand Fight

Percy was sick and tired of Jame and Duck having a fight.


September 14, 2007

IMG 6624

A Bad Day for Eddie

Eddie was very sad, because he thinks Sir Topham Hatt going to sent him way.


September 14, 2007

IMG 6626

The Secret Tender Club

James build the shed into "The Secret Tender Club" and the Tank engine not allow to sleep in the shed, so Percy, Thomas and toby must tell the Sir Topham Hatt and sent a 2 new tender engine.


September 28, 2007

IMG 6628

A New Job for Gordon or the Importance of Water

Gordons take Henry goods Train when Sir Topham Hatt order a new Tender Silver name, Spencer.


October 19, 2007


Emily Learns a Lesson

Emily the new engine must thinking away to find a goods train.


November 18, 2007

IMG 6716

Daddy Big Wheels

Sir Hanel and Rusty meet the biggest Car with 4 big wheels


January 11, 2008


Percy the Smart

Percy wins the spelling bee, which makes Eddie sad and unwanted.


January 11, 2008


Eddie vs. Darrel

Percy wins the spelling bee, which makes Eddie sad and unwanted.


January 18, 2008


Henry vs. the Rainstorm

coming soon...


January 18, 2008


Prologue (How It Started Prologue)

coming soon...


February 1, 2008


A Small Misinterpretation (A Secret Episode)

coming soon...


March 28, 2008

Season 3 (2008-2009 Episodes)Edit

Title card Title Summary # Airdate
N/A James’ New Face Percy accident ran over James and hit right to his face. The Day James came back from the Workshop and all the engines cannot believe Jame was handsome. 25-301 September 5, 2008

August 19, 2007

Season 4 (2009 Episodes)Edit

Season 5 (2010 Episodes)Edit

Specials: 2008-2009Edit

There have been four special episodes of Thomas the Model Railway Engine and Friends that are not shown in the usual cycle of episodes, except for the CN Invaded episode, but are aired on special events such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. In countries such as the UK, these are also aired during "specials weekends" in which special episodes and movies of CN shows are shown back-to-back, which includes these four special Thomas the Model Railway Engine and Friends episodes.

Season Episodes Aired First Air Date Last Air Date
1 21 February 8, 2009

November 22, 2009

2 1 March 14th, 2010 TBA

Season 1: 2009Edit

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# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
Season 1
Sketchy BeginningsWest Coast StorySonny at the FallsYou've Got Fan MailCheater GirlsThree's Not CompanyPoll'd ApartFast FriendsSonny With a Chance of DatingSonny and the Studio BratPromises, Prom-missesThe Heartbreak KidBattle of the Networks' StarsPrank'dTales From the Prop HouseSonny in the Kitchen with DinnerSonny in the MiddleGuess Who's Coming to Guest StarHart to HartCookie MonstersSonny So Far
Season 2
Walk a Mile in My PantsSonny Get Your GoatGassie PassesFalling for the FallsThe Legend of Candy FaceOh Brother, Where Art Thou?Random Acts of DisrespectHigh School MiserablesGummy With a ChanceWhat I Bike About YouThat's So SonnySo Random ChristmasChad With a ChanceSonny With a SecreteTween ChoiceZora Blossoms