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"Percy and Stepney"
Season 1, Episode 1b
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Production Code: 1-102
Airdate: 5 January 2007
Writer(s): Lukester Farrell
Director(s): Lukester Farrell
Storyboards by: Lukester Farrell
Music by: Patrick Carid
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"Thomas’ First Day"
"Gordon vs. Darrel"

"Percy and Stepney" is the Second episode of season 1 and of Thomas the Model Railway Engine, in which Sir Topham Hatt send a new tank engine Stepney to help to take Percy's Good Train.

Plot Edit

When Percy was tired to push the trucks, but the silly trucks wouldn't move, that make Percy upset. And then whistle from Thomas coming to the station with his coaches Annie and Clarabel. Thomas want to see what Percy doing. Percy tell Thomas he must move his trucks and he goes mad. Thomas asked him to tired pull so Percy want off to find the Turntable. Percy got back and tired again, but it's not working and Percy starting to get very angry he spinning faster and faster. Then Thomas heading off and Percy still pulling the trucks been pulling day and night times. In Three Weeks later, Percy was very tired and still pull the trucks and Sir Topham Hatt came over and tired asked Percy to stop and take a break, but Percy decide keep up to pulled the truck. Then Percy got mad and spinning very fasts. The Sir Topham Hatt tired to stop Percy goes to fast and, too late Percy fell in the dip and Percy starting to cry and the trucks laughing at him. The next morning Thomas came over to station and saw Percy tired to use the T.N.T. to move the trucks and Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt tired to stop Percy to hurt the trucks. Sir Topham Hatt say the new Visitor coming to Sodor.

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